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City leadership for climate, December 10th

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European Parliament, room PHS 4B001
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Ready to showcase your cities climate ambition? Join EUROCITIES at the peak of its climate campaign to showcase cities’ solutions to climate challenges on the 10th December at the European Parliament. This high-level event will be featuring a panel composed of city officials, members of the European Parliament, city officials and business representatives. In addition, we will be launching the much anticipated EUROCITIES climate publication demonstrating innovative solutions developed by cities for the EU citizens. Now is the time!


On Tuesday 10 December we will hold our event: “City leadership for climate” in the European Parliament, Brussels, to call on the European institutions to act now on climate. At the event, we will:

  •  Launch our climate pledges (find the pledge below)
  •  Launch our report with examples from 12 cities and results from the climate survey on tackling climate change

The event takes place as the new mandate for the European Commission starts, with renewed ambition for Europe to take global leadership to tackle climate change. We want to make sure the European cities are centrally placed it the forthcoming debate and new initiatives from the EU by giving visibility to the ambition and action in cities to tackle the global climate challenge locally.


 >>>  sign our pledge and be part of the change  <<<

The event will be hosted by MEP Pascal Canfin, chair of the Environment Committee of the European Parliament. We are pleased to announce that the following city representatives will be with us to pledge:

  • Gergely Karacsony, Mayor of Budapest
  • Katarina Luhr, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Climate, Stockholm
  • Filipe Araujo, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Porto
  • Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Climate, London
  • Alessandro Ghinelli, Mayor of Arezzo
  • Lan Marie Berg, Vice-Mayor for Environment and Transport, Oslo

On top, we will welcome Clara De La Torre, Deputy Director General of DG CLIMA, European Commission.

When: 10 December 2019

Where: European Parliament, room PHS 4B001

Time: 09.00-11.00

We are expecting some 150 participants at the event from the EU institutions, member state representatives, city officials and business representatives.


What is the pledge on climate?

Conscious of challenges ahead, EUROCITIES – under the patronage of the Mayor of Stockholm – has been running a climate campaign which will end with this event at the European Parliament showcasing the cities’ pledges for more ambitious targets and highlighting concrete solutions to the climate challenges.

Through the climate pledge, EUROCITIES asks you to commit to delivering a fair and inclusive transition that delivers a clean and equitable planet for all. Cities can do this by either committing to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy 2030 target (40% emission reduction by 2030 on a 1990 baseline), setting their own reduction target for GHG emission by the year 2030 and/or setting a date by which to reach net zero emissions.


EUROCITIES will use cities’ climate pledges to encourage the EU institutions to: 

1.   Adopt an EU strategy for 2050 in line with the Paris agreement’s 1.5° C target;

2.   Lead global international ambition at COPs and ensure a visible role for cities;

3.   Match EU ambitions with the appropriate level of funding.


JOIN US in the fight against climate change and SIGN the Climate pledge!

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