EUROCITIES City Dialogue: The Use of Technologies in Response to COVID-19

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In current disruptive times, the power of digitalisation and the role and the impact of technologies, is more than ever high in the agendas of EU politicians and policy makers, as tool to respond to the health crisis. While the EU is promoting a common approach for safe mobile contact tracing apps, national governments are discussing and in some cases already developing and deploying solutions. In this context, cities will be the testing ground of the tracing apps and technological solutions.

Many city CIOs are currently under pressure to provide advices and recommendations to local politicians, not only in terms of technical and technological requirements but also of societal impact. EUROCITIES KSF wishes to develop a concise and handy guide with arguments and recommendations for CIOs and digital policy advisors to help them to get a wider view of the effects of those apps and technological measures.

The online dialogue is a first exchange of insights and concerns sharing among city CIOs/digital policy advisors, but also interested members of other EUROCITIES fora, to help extract the recommendations and guidelines that will be included in the KSF guide.

Draft agenda

  • Welcome and quick round of introductions
  • Goal and objectives of the meeting
  • Presentations by Ghent and other few cities' cases;
  • Overview of tools useful for the discussion (EU guidelines and approach, principles by EUROCITIES/Cities Coalition for Digital Rights…)

  • Moderated discussion starting from the following questions:

- Are the existing policies/principles/guidelines useful in these times? Are they enough?
- Should cities position themselves (have a say) on contact tracing apps, as the rollout is being initiated by regional/national governments? What has been done at city level?
- What are the questions we need to answer from policymakers, citizens, researchers?

EUROCITIES staff contact

Federica Bordelot