Ljubljana is 4th city to sign a pledge to the EU Pillar of Social Rights


Today, Ljubljana became the fourth city after Madrid, Stuttgart and Gothenburg to sign a pledge to the EU Pillar of Social Rights. Mayor Zoran Jankovic signed pledges to principle 16 'healthcare' and principle 19 'housing and assistance for the homeless'.

On healthcare, Ljubljana is committed to:

  • invest €29 million in 2018-2022 in the renovation of health centres and purchase of high-quality healthcare equipment (in addition to the €32 million invested in 2007-2017)
  • continue providing high-quality and optimal access to primary healthcare services in 11 locations in the city with over 2.7 million patient visits a year

On housing, Ljubljana is committed to:

  • invest €150 million in 2018-2022 to provide 1,500 new homes (not-for-profit residential units) in addition to the existing stock of 3,671 homes rented to people via public tenders, and the 436 housing properties for families at risk of homelessness
  • invest €3 million to rebuild the homeless shelter 
  • upgrade social services for the most vulnerable people and long-term homeless people

Mayor Zoran Jankovic stated: ‘‘A strong social Europe means that it is inclusive for all. Ljubljana is a city where we respect diversity and live together. Ljubljana is a social city that promotes social inclusion and human dignity. Through numerous programmes, services and activities, we strive for social equality, solidarity and openness. To that end, we pay special attentions to vulnerable groups’’. 

Congratulations to Ljubljana for the strong commitment to advancing a more inclusive Europe! 

Read the full pledge below.

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