Social Affairs Forum - 22-24 October, Warsaw

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Save the Date for our autumn Social Affairs Forum meeting that will take place on 22-24 October 2019 in Warsaw. The forum’s theme is: ‘Inclusive Cities for All: How to ensure social inclusion and well-being for all ages?’

The focus of the meeting will be on the role of cities as active agents to deliver social inclusion and well-being for all people through municipal programmes and services tailored to the specific needs at all ages. We will pay special attention to children, young people, older workers and the elderly, who are the age groups most at risk of poverty and social exclusion. We will learn from Warsaw and other cities in Europe how to use EU funding, in particular ESF and ERDF, to support new projects for social inclusion and well-being of the most vulnerable groups and how to capitalise and scale up such projects into city policies. 

The two-day meeting will see more than 120 representatives from over 50 European cities learning from one another innovative approaches to make their cities more inclusive and better prepared to tackle the demographic change and see it as a potential for developing human capital and more cohesive communities.

Theme of the meeting

City authorities need to adopt a life-cycle approach to ensure that the needs and interests of all people are well taken care of at any age or stage of their life. This involves children having sufficient places in nurseries and schools, young people getting support to move from education or training to work, working-age adults being prepared to face changes in the world of work, all people even those inactive having a roof over their heads, elderly people being helped to fully participate in the community and everyone feeling welcome regardless of their origin.
Through our EUROCITIES initiative ‘Inclusivecitie4all: Social Rights in My City’, we aim to build an inclusive Europe with inclusive cities for all people at all ages. To achieve this ambitious goal, we work towards delivering the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights at local level through concrete actions pursued by city pledges.  

What we want to achieve?

Our aim is to build capacity of city authorities, at political and technical level, to learn, share and co-create innovative policies for social inclusion and well-being for all ages. The focus is on identifying what works to improve the quality of life of the age groups most at risk of exclusion and hardest hit by increasing inequality - children, young people and the elderly. Therefore, we will concentrate on the role of cities in implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights principles 11 childcare and support to children,16 healthcare and 18 long-term care.

Why attend the meeting?

The two days of panel debates, workshops, site visits, speed-networking sessions and a political side event will give a unique opportunity to participating cities to:
  • reflect how to implement principles 11, 16 and 18 of the European Pillar of Social Rights locally
  • share innovative city initiatives in childcare, elderly care and age-friendly services
  • co-create new solutions to tackle concrete city challenges related to unequal access to care services 
  • learn how to transfer and upscale lessons from ESF-funded projects in Warsaw and other cities
  • find inspiration for your project proposal for the 5th call of UIA on the topic of demographic change
  • set the strategic direction on how to work with the EU institutions on social policies in 2019-2024


Day 1 – Tuesday, 22 October

  • Optional city tours
  • Interactive session for newcomers
  • Informal dinner

Day 2 – Wednesday, 23 October

  • Official welcome and keynote interventions
  • Announcement of new city pledges ‘Inclusivecities4all: Social Rights in My City’
  • Presentation of EUROCITIES statement on future of social Europe and panel debate
  • Private political discussion for elected city politicians
  • Speed-networking of innovative city initiatives for inclusion & well-being at all ages
  • Site visits to projects and services in Warsaw
  • Official dinner

Day 3 – Thursday, 24 October 

  • Co-creation workshops on real case scenarios of city challenges
  • Presentation of results from workshops in plenary
  • Forum business meeting
  • Final remarks and closing of the meeting
Stay tuned – we will open registration soon in May-June! 

EUROCITIES staff contact

Patricia CoutiPolicy advisor

EUROCITIES staff contact

Bianca Faragau-Tavares