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To have meaningful citizen’s participation and co-creation of local policies, chose to engage with conflict, “cherish your angry citizens” said professor Wouter Van Dooren in a public lecture in Ostend last week, in front of our WG creative citizenship.

Ostend is in a good position to know that co-creation can bring exiting projects to life: the non-profit organisation O.666 was born in April 2018 as a result of a long cocreation process, to run a building in temporary use located at the east bank of Ostend where the industrial harbor of the city is being reformed into a new housing area. O.666 supervises the transition of this building into a hub that will host an entrepreneur lab, centre for social actors, citizens’ initiatives and cultural activities.

Participation is key in delivering results for all members of the working group. Athens even won the iCapital title, focusing on social innovation: the Greek city wants to create new forms of participative governance, through a social innovation agora, aiming at empowering citizens locally. The Include programme in Paris, recently created the Parisian Council of European citizens (Conseil Parisien des européens), which is working in cooperation with the municipal council to propose recommendations and propositions. Let it be through participative budgeting like in Antwerp, city debates on social issues like in Ghent or Lille, or involvement of minorities with Timisoara and its council for ethnic minorities, our cities work daily to ensure early and inclusive participation at local level.

As demonstrated in our campaign Cites4Europe – Europe for citizens, municipal level is one of the best relays of citizens’ voices to the European level. Munich has even produced its own version of our campaign, Munich4Europe, bringing citizens together in different location of the city, to say “Yes” to Europe. Several members have organised citizens panel debates in cooperation with our Brussels office and the European Commission, such as Nantes, new chair of the WG, and Utrecht, among others. Our cities also value traditional ways of participating, and are working to engage their citizens in the upcoming European elections, with a legal information campaign like in Nantes, or by supporting the campaign This time I’m voting, in Paris.
Share your good practices with us and shape the work of WG creative citizenship by joining us at the next meeting in Paris this October!
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