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EUROCITIES WG employment on the attractiveness of jobs in care sector on 25-26 November

EUROCITIES WG Employment will meet online on 25-26 November, to discuss on ‘how cities can increase the attractiveness of jobs in care sector: employment and skills development in Lyon'.

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case study date : 23-10-2020

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Unleash innovative thinking to address long-term unemployment – city guidelines based on lessons learnt from local practices

Getting inspiration from Lille Metropole’s innovative practice - Job Factory (‘La Fabrique de l’emploi’) and building on their experiences in addressing long-term unemployment (LTU), practitioners from 14 cities have met on 23-25 May 2019 in Lille Metropole to share lesson learnt in the process of creating new and innovative actions at local level.

case study

case study date : 11-03-2020