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EUROCITIES statement on the Water Framework directive

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The EUROCITIES statement on the Water Framework directive, sister directives and floods directive is out.

In order to ensure healthy freshwater supply to our city dwellers and the protection of our freshwater bodies, we recommend:

  1. The WFD general objectives and 2027 target, the governance framework and the one-out-all-out principle should be maintained and reaffirmed.
  2. The WFD should better reflect the impact of climate change on water resources, and the sustainability challenges faced by cities in water management.
  3. The objectives of the WFD should be addressed through an integrated, systemic and holistic approach in order to improve water quality, rather than thinking each pressure element individually. The implementation of the ‘polluter-pays’ principle must be strengthened.
  4. The WFD monitoring should include an assessment of measures taken to reduce pressure elements. It should also address emerging pollutants in order to provide a more accurate picture of water quality.

The full version of the statement can be downloaded at the link below.

   EUROCITIES_statement_WFD_finaldownload/preview this file

EUROCITIES staff contact

Dorthe Nielsen