Food in cities: mapping cities activities in the area of food

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These reports are the results of the project ‘Food in cities: study on innovation for a sustainable and healthy production, delivery and consumption of food in cities’.

The main aim of the study is to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of food innovation in cities, and to clarify the role the EU’s research and innovation projects can play in supporting them.

The study is composed of three reports:

TASK 1 (December 2016-April 2017): Mapping innovative urban food strategies designed to promote the production, delivery, and consumption of sustainable and healthy food.

The report includes data on the main city activities and the type of policy tools and actors that city uses to work on food activities. Information is divided according to the six categories of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact: governance; sustainable diet and nutrition; social and economic equity; food production; food supply and distribution; food waste.

TASK 2 (April 2017-June 2017): Compiling five in-depth case studies from cities that have benefitted from EU projects supporting innovative solutions for sustainable and healthy production, delivery, or consumption of food in cities.

This report includes policy recommendations for cities willing to work on food, recommendations for the development of food-related actions under the funding programme for research and innovation and five case studies on the activities of cities in the area for food. The five case studies are from: Rotterdam, Milan, Gothenburg, Ljubljana and Lisbon.


TASK 3 (July 2017): The final report, summarising the main findings from the previous two reports. 

The study was commissioned by the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation under Framework Contract 30-CE-0833121/00-49.

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