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We want to hear about the situation on social economy in your cities!

Social economy (SEO) plays a key role in preventing growing inequalities and social exclusion during and as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Social economy enterprises (SE) have a great contribution to build an inclusive and resilient economic and social model based on the values of cooperation, solidarity and responsibility.


EUROCITIES - Social Affairs Forum and Economic Development Forum are launching this survey to collect evidence about the situation of social economy and social enterprises in our cities. We want to identify the main challenges and opportunities for supporting the development of social economy and what are cities doing to benefit from them.

We will look into good practices from cities to understand what works well and under which conditions, what could be improved and where are the gaps in policy provision that need to be addressed with support from national and EU level.

We are also looking into how COVID19 has impacted social economy and the role played by SEO in preventing growing inequalities and social exclusion.

What is the purpose?

The European Commission is looking into the challenges that social economy and the social enterprises are facing in EU countries, in order to prepare a European Action Plan on Social Economy.


EUROCITIES will collect valuable inputs from cities to feed directly into the European Commission initiative for the Action Plan on the Social Economy which will be launched in second part of 2021.

We are planning to share the results during the Social Economy Summit in Mannheim on 25-27 May 2021.

Why should your city get involved?

This is a unique opportunity for cities to:

             Contribute to shaping the Action Plan on Social Economy by feeding inputs and lessons learned from policy interventions and actions at local level.

             Get recognition as key partners of the European Commission in developing and implementing the Action Plan on Social Economy to respond effectively to the local challenges.

             Support the knowledge exchange among cities through sharing good practices and inspire policy changes in cities.

How to contribute from your city?

Please fill in this survey questionnaire and send it back by 31 October to patricia.couti@eurocities.eu and aleksandra.olejnik@eurocities.eu .

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EUROCITIES staff contact

Patricia CoutiPolicy advisor

EUROCITIES staff contact

Aleksandra Olejnik