Seminar report: "Promoting social responsibility through public procurement"

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The following report is an outcome of the seminar organised by EUROCITIES and Nantes Metropoles on socially responsible public procurement. The seminar took place from 30 November to 1 December and gathered more than 40 people from over 22 European cities to discuss ways to promote social inclusion through public procurement. The aim of the seminar was to enable cities to exchange best practices and also discuss what opportunities for socially responsible public procurement the new 2014 Directives bring.

The report entails summaries of the city practices in socially responsible procurement presented at the workshops during the seminar on the topics:

 Promoting inclusive employment through public procurement (Workshop 1)

 Promoting quality jobs and decent work through public procurement (Workshop 2)

 Using public procurement to involve companies and enterprises in promoting social inclusion (Workshop 3)

 Using reserved contacts in public procurement (Workshop 4)

The following document further captures the main findings and discussion points raised during the seminar as well as a short summary of the key points of the political panel discussion at the seminar.

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