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Cohesion policy is vital to economic growth and social cohesion across Europe. For many cities, structural funds provide essential support for major investment programmes which directly impact on the quality of life of citizens and the liveability and attractiveness of cities.

Today, cities account for 75% of the EU’s population, 80% of energy use and 85% of Europe’s GDP. Yet currently, only 10% of EU regional funding is directly dedicated to urban issues. We are working to strengthen the investments in cities via the structural funds in the next programming period from 2014 - 2020.   

The Commission’s proposals for the draft structural funds regulations, published on 5 October 2011, recognise the need for investing in cities. The proposals include many innovations with the potential to deliver integrated development on the ground and drive smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for the benefit of all – not only for those living in cities.

We welcomed the Commission’s proposals as a strong starting point and we have been working to maintain the strong urban dimension in the further negotiations on the future cohesion policy to ensure an adequate level of investment in our cities across the EU. 

We believe that the European model of well-managed urban concentration is the most sustainable form of development and our European cities are assets in terms of global competition. Only metropolitan Europe can compete with the power of emerging megacities of Asia and Latin America. Without investing seriously in our major cities, we will not be able to maintain our global competitiveness. A strong urban agenda is not only important for cities but for the economic future of Europe as a whole.

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Cluj-Napoca - Imagine the future of the city!

Over the last 10 years, Cluj- Napoca has been the only growing city in Romania. As a natural consequence, the city’s cultural life has been constantly evolving, a process also driven by the European Youth Capital title given in 2015 and the candidature to the European Capital of Culture for 2021.

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publication date: 15-07-2019

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start date: 02-07-2019
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Save the date for our autumn Social Affairs Forum in Warsaw

Our Social Affairs Forum will meet in Warsaw on 22-24 October to discuss how to ensure social inclusion and well-being for all ages in view of building inclusive cities for all people.


publication date: 08-05-2019

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Our ‘Inclusive Cities for All’ initiative continues – Join NOW with your city pledge!

This February, EUROCITIES launched a new initiative 'Inclusive cities for all: Social rights in my city' and we announced the first 21 city pledges at a high-level political event at the European Parliament. The pledges bring a total investment of over €4.32 billion from cities over the next 5 years to fight poverty and social exclusion by delivering the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights at local level.


publication date: 07-05-2019

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​EU Parliament takes on board #CohesionAlliance demands

EU-wide coalition welcomes European Parliament's call for adequate and simplified funding for all regions and to stop freezing funds to enforce fiscal discipline


publication date: 05-04-2019

Key takeaways from our first-ever EUROCITIES Social Innovation Lab

The first-ever Social Innovation Lab of EUROCITIES took place on 25-27 March 2019 in Glasgow. Over 120 city politicians, officers and change makers (social enterprises and foundations) from over 50 cities in Europe joined forces to pilot a new way of working for ‘Making Inclusive Cities through Social Innovation’.


publication date: 02-04-2019

Have your say on the EU Semester 2019 country reports and the investment guidance for future cohesion policy

The European Commission recently published the country reports under the European Semester 2019, analysing the social and economic situation in each EU member state. The country reports include more examples and analysis related to specific urban challenges than in any other previous country reports beforehand, which is good news for cities.


publication date: 15-03-2019

New EUROCITIES report: Cities delivering social rights

Coinciding with the launch of the city pledges at the European Parliament on 21 February, EUROCITIES also launched a new report mapping cities’ policy measures in line with the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights. The report covers 20 cities in 12 countries governing a total of 20 million people.


publication date: 15-03-2019

Social Affairs Forum updates for November 2018 - March 2019

This document presents an overview of EU key policy and funding updates relevant to social affairs for the period November 2018 - March 2019.


publication date: 15-03-2019

EUROCITIES - city leaders agenda for Europe

EUROCITIES political manifesto ahead of the European elections


publication date: 12-03-2019