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Take part in EUROCITIES survey: How are cities fighting child poverty?

The COVID-19 crisis has strongly affected children, especially children in precarious family situations, who were affected in terms of schooling, physical and mental health and well-being, and even nutrition (lacking the school lunches). Home-schooling has deepened the inequalities in education and training.


publication date: 24-06-2020

Madrid signs a strong pledge to gender equality

Madrid signed a strong pledge to gender equality in June 2020. This is the third pledge from Madrid, reaffirming the city's commitment to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights, after the first two pledges in autumn 2018 on principle 4 'active support to employment' and principle 11 'childcare and support to children'.


publication date: 22-06-2020

Cities coming together for gender equality

Full gender equality is far from being achieved. On the contrary, the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential of setting back previous progress. It has had a disproportionate impact on women by: increasing the burden of their unpaid work at home; worsening their employment and economic standing; exacerbating the rates of domestic violence against women. The challenges at hand are clear across cities in the EU. This is why cities came together and discussed ways to counter discrimination and...


publication date: 18-06-2020

EUROCITIES City dialogue on volunteering

On 18 May 2020, EUROCITIES held a city dialogue with its cities on the role played by volunteers and civil society during the Covid-19 pandemic.


publication date: 08-06-2020

Webinar on One-stop-shops for migrant integration

In the framework of our EU co-funded migration and integration project CONNECTION, we are delighted to invite you to a webinar on “One-stop-shop for migrant integration”.


start date: 15-06-2020
end date: 15-06-2020

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Highlights from city dialogue on health and urban prepardness with the WHO

On May 29, EUROCITIES held a city dialogue with the World Health Organisation on the topic of public health measures and urban preparedness in the context of COVID-19.


publication date: 05-06-2020

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Open Access Government: Re-imagining our urban future in light of COVID-19

Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General, EUROCITIES enlightens us on the salient points when it comes to re-imagining our urban future in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


publication date: 04-06-2020

Register for WG Urban Ageing online meeting on June 11

Jon our online WG meeting at 10.30 CET to discuss and exchange with fellow cities on key strategies and measures to support the elderly in times of COVID-19.


start date: 11-06-2020
end date: 11-06-2020

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Highlights from our Social Affairs Forum online – cities respond to the COVID crisis

More than 90 representatives from 55 cities met online for the Social Affairs Forum meeting to discuss the social consequences of the COVID-19 crisis and how to mitigate them.


publication date: 28-05-2020

Working Group Education online meeting - updated background materials

The Education WG met online on May 15 to exchange on the evolving situation with schools in the transition phase in the context of COVID-19


publication date: 25-05-2020