Answer EUROCITIES’ survey into cities' external cultural relations

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EUROCITIES has launched a survey into external cultural relations at a city level to understand how cities use culture in their external relations, the challenges they face and their priorities for the future. The study will then influence our future engagement with the topic, allowing us to champion the urban perspective at a European level.

“When Europe engages with the world, culture has to be at the core of our foreign policy.” These are the words of Federica Mogherini, high representative of the Union for foreign affairs and security policy and vice president of the European Commission during her speech (below) summarising the core message of the EU strategy for international cultural relations.

The survey will shape a common vision among member cities and give cities the opportunity to showcase what they’re doing and to learn from. The responses of the study will be used to create content for articles, reports, case studies and more which will be shared at a European level – thus boosting the international profile of cities who take part.

To take part in the study, please contact us at or fill out the online questionnaire for cities here - the deadlines for responses is 24 February 2017. We look forward to sharing the results with you in the spring.


Photo © European Union, 2017

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