Barcelona a city for all times of life: a new strategy for demographic change and ageing 2018-2030


Addressing the demographic change and the ageing process, Barcelona has adopted the strategy for ‘A city for all times of life 2018-2030’. The strategic planning process was based on the analysis of the current reality and a demographic forecast, considering short and long-term measures to deliver results. The strategy focuses on the demographics and the changes that the population is facing, on the strategic objectives and values and on the services provided by the city.

The fist part, highlights the difficulties faced by people over 50 in re-entering the labour market, the health and economic vulnerability of 75+, housing for elder people as well as social and community participation.

The second part deals specifically with the Strategy for Demographic Change and Ageing, citing its objectives and values, as well as 77 actions divided into four strategic approaches: a person’s right to the city throughout their life; the friendly city and inter-generational coexistence; active ageing so elderly people can contribute to and enjoy the city, and research and planning for equitable demographic change. Lastly, the analysis focuses on social and community participation.

The third section presents the catalogue of services for senior citizens and the budget. Focusing on the territorial dimension, the strategy presents a demographic, facilities and services map of the city, showing  the data onsenior citizens in city neighbourhoods and the specific support available to them.  

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