Barcelona urges Catalan government to include Roma history in school curriculum


On 21 June, Barcelona City Council approved a motion for an institutional declaration for the inclusion of Roma history in school curriculum.

Roma people settled in Catalonia 600 years ago. As a result of their settling, their culture has intertwined with Catalan culture. However, despite their long-term presence in the region of Catalonia and the city of Barcelona, their history is unknown by the majority of the population. This is a setback when it comes to being acknowledged as fully-fledged citizens of Barcelona and overlooks their valuable contributions to the city’s and country’s richness of culture and lifestyle.
To overcome this setback, the motion of the city council of Barcelona urges the education department of Catalonia’s government to include the history of Roma people in school curriculum as part of the history of Catalonia. In order to do so, the motion demands the creation of a working group to develop the necessary pedagogical materials about Roma history and culture in Catalonia.
If the Catalan government responds positively, the curriculum change can come about in time for the start of the school year 2018/2019 in next September. This means that before 2020, pupils attending schools in Catalonia may be able to learn about Roma history and culture, and, as a result, learn to appreciate the background of their peers of Roma ethnicity.  
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