Copenhagen closing the plastic packaging loop

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In Copenhagen, around half of the plastic waste comes from food packaging. To reduce the amount of plastic ending up in incineration plants, Copenhagen has designed a new system encompassing every single step of the plastic lifecycle, from collection to new packaging available on the market.

Re-thinking the system as a whole, Copenhagen is implementing a large scale recycling initiative in close cooperation with the key industry partners engaged in a ‘Partnership for circular food trays,’ determined to bring recycling material back into food sector.

On the 24 October, at EUROCITIES Environment Forum, Copenhagen will present its knowledge on how to recycle plastic issued from a series of pilot schemes conducted by the city since 2011. If Copenhagen succeeded in removing the myths surrounding plastic recycling, this is because it managed to involve enterprises, research institutions and associations and to integrate them, alongside consumers, into a circular economy, which benefits all.

Join us to capitalise on Copenhagen's expertise thanks to its experimentations and innovations related to circular management of plastic. And don’t forget to commit to our plastic declaration, here.