EUROCITIES Environment Forum: what's on for the autumn?!

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EUROCITIES Environment Forum – a digital autumn 

[this page will be updated throughout the autumn]
This autumn, we have an exciting line up of digital events for you!  We are working on a first at EUROCITIES – a cross-cutting series of online workshops exploring the opportunities for transformative change in cities post crisis. These workshops will address issues from skills mismatch and circular economy, to healthy mobility and rethinking public space, to affordable and efficient buildings, and community building. Find out more below.
Alongside these workshops – which form the healthy, thriving and inclusive cities (HTIC) series – we will hold individual WG meetings also. These have been arranged as much as possible to align with the HTIC series as relevant. The dates below are still tentative, they will be confirmed in the coming weeks.  
Of course, we will inform you through our bi-weekly newsletter and WG emails of additional meetings to keep you up-to-date. From plastics to air quality, we’ll make sure you have the latest on what’s coming up. 
And check out our new website! Our communications team has been working to ensure your experiences are at the heart of what we do. We’ve also got a new members area, which will include areas for collaboration and better facilitate our work. This is still in progress but will be available to you in the coming month. 
Healthy, thriving and inclusive cities programme 
3 days | 5 workshops | Think of actions to take today! | To build the cities of tomorrow
In our short series of online workshops, we’ve mixed things up a bit! Working together with colleagues from across the sectors, we’’ll tackle cross-cutting issues from healthy mobility to affordable and sustainable housing, and rethinking public space to circular jobs for a thriving economy and environment. 
The COVID pandemic is the single biggest disruptor to impact our societies since the second world war and has put a spotlight on the inequalities in our society from health and environment, to education and employment, mobility and housing, and the arts. It emphasises the need for a shift to a greener and more just society.
Building on the crisis management and post-COVID visionary discussions held through our city dialogues, we’ll explore the lessons learnt from the pandemic and broader experience to drive action for transformative change in cities. In workshops dedicated to specific challenges, we’ll share our experiences and explore how such challenges could be addressed. Taking a step wise approach, we’ll develop ideas for actions we could take, addressing questions from who would be involved to what the first steps are. 
For the environment forum, this is an opportunity to connect with experts from across the field to explore collaborative solutions. The first workshop in this series will focus on circular economy, the skills mismatch and ensuring local actions support a thriving environment, locally and globally.
2 September: European Green Capital Network webinar; 100% Renewable
9 September: European Green Capital Network webinar; Zero Waste
16 September: European Green Capital Network webinar; Human scale
24 September: WG Waste Follow-up CEAP and waste initiatives (date tbc)
25 September: Healthy, thriving and inclusive cities programme
Workshop 1: circular economy, circular jobs and skills mismatch 
25 September: WG AQCCEE (date tbc)
13 October: WG Sustainable Mobility Planning and WG AQCCEE joint meeting
16 October: WG GAB Urban Greening Plans
19 October: Digital mobility forum on healthy mobility (interest for WGs AQCCEE, Noise)
20 October: Healthy, thriving and inclusive cities programme
Workshop 2: healthy mobility
Workshop 3: urban design for healthy public spaces
21 October: WG Noise Criteria for quiet areas
21 October: WG GAB Collaboration with WG noise on criteria for quiet areas
19 November: Healthy, thriving and inclusive cities programme
Workshop 4: affordable, sustainable buildings
Workshop 5: place making and culture
25 November: WG Water European Green Deal and water initiatives
Autumn: WG Waste Single-use plastics and COVID (date tbc)
The above dates are subject to change Registrations will open in the autumn. Watch this space!