EUROCITIES Mobility Forum in Madrid - 19-21 October

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The next EUROCITIES Mobility Forum meeting will take place in Madrid from 19-21 October 2020.

In these times, the thematic focus chosen for the Madrid forum meeting ‘Sustainable Mobility in Healthy Cities’ becomes more urgent than ever. Adopting clean, safe, and inclusive mobility policies is the first step to make to ensure health and wellbeing for all in our cities. As recently highlighted by the European Public Health Alliance “Coronavirus threat is greater for polluted cities”. The impacts of road transport on public health need to be consciously addressed in order make our cities the best possible places to live in.

These impacts encompass severe threats to human health, notably traffic causalities and injuries, as well as chronic illness such as the long-term effects of air and noise pollution. Moreover, a general sense of wellbeing goes beyond the pure lack of illness, and has profound ties with the perceived safety and liveability of the space we live and move in. The next forum meeting will look in depth at the mobility solutions that cities can adopt to address these negative health impacts.

More information about the mobility forum activities that will take place until summer 2020 will be circulated in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we hope you all stay safe and healthy!

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Arianna AmericoProject & forum coordinator