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On 17 May, the European Commission released its third and final set of legislative proposals for mobility. Transport is now the largest source of emissions in the EU, and accounts for 25,000 road fatalities per year and contributes to 400,000 premature deaths from air pollution.

The proposals aim to improve traffic safety, reduce emissions from vehicles and drive the advancement of technological solutions to support the competitiveness of European industry. This includes legislative proposals on road safety for vehicles and infrastructure, trans-European transport networks, digital information exchange and CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, further developments target connected and automated mobility and batteries in the EU. These proposals will be supported by the allocation of 450 million EUR under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to support projects in member states that contribute to road safety, digitalisation and multi-modality. 

Of key interest to cities are:

  • CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles, which account for 25% of all road transport emissions
  • Proposals to improve the road safety of vehicles and infrastructure, including mandatory safety measures for enhanced driver vision, advanced emergency braking and pedestrian/cycling detection
  • A vision for connected and automated vehicles that proposes actions to support the deployment of key technologies, services and infrastructure

EUROCITIES will undertake an analysis of this third part of the EU Mobility Package with members, ahead of advocacy efforts in the European Parliament and European Council to ensure our views are reflected in the final text. 

More info on the proposals here

EUROCITIES Statement on Transport Automation in Urban Areas is available here

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