First ever EU climate bank agreement with a large EU city

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Vienna has become the first city to sign an agreement with the European Investment Bank to fight climate change.

The 'Joint Declaration on Climate Partnership' will mean that future city projects in areas such as housing, waste, energy and transport get evaluated for possible EU climate bank financing.

This builds on previous project partnerships between the city of Vienna and the EIB, and shows the essential place of cities in delivering on all aspects of the European Green Deal.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Peter Hank, Vienna Councillor for Finance, said: “In Vienna, we have set ourselves ambitious climate action objectives. We have also fully focused the City's finances on climate action with the introduction of the Vienna climate budget and the Klima-Milliarde (“climate billion”) in the 2020 budget. This partnership with the European Investment Bank will enable us to implement further major climate action and adaptation projects in the future.”

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