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Food Waste: cities to the rescue! What have we learned in just a webinar?

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Where does food waste come from and what can cities do to prevent it? From a successful collaboration between FoodWIN, EUROCITIES and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, an inspiring webinar on how to develop a food waste strategy in your city.

One third of all food does not make it from the farm to our stomach and city governments are the best catalysts to tackle food waste. By developing a food waste strategy, bringing actors together, cities reduce their costs for public administration, SMEs and citizens in addition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And finally, using high-quality food surplus can feed people in need.

Cities throughout Europe are already taking creative and innovative action to reduce food waste: from logistical platforms to redistribute food surplus, over public awareness-raising campaigns, reducing food waste in school canteens to stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship on food waste.

During the webinar, FoodWIN presented the practical steps cities need to take in order to develop a successful food waste strategy at local level, from diagnosis to implementation. The cities of Milan and Bruges also shared their experiences and lesson learnt.

You can look at the recording of the webinar and check the presentations and useful material below.


Useful resources: 
Get an idea of what other European cities are doing on the topic of food losses and waste in this short overview prepared with the contribution of the EUROCITIES WG food and WG waste. Also available on the REFRESH website.
Check the activities and actions of the European platform on Food Losses and Waste. 
Get a free snapshot overview of food waste in your city through FoodWIN's Food Waste Estimation Tool. The tool will give you an overview of how much food goes to waste in total, in what sectors and what's the CO2 emissions and financial losses linked to it. Reach out to FoodWIN for a free trial version.
Manual 'Food Waste: Cities to the Rescue'. This manual gives an overview of the Food Waste Journey, the process FoodWIN developed to help cities diagnose food waste, co-create a strategy and take action. It also contains practical examples of how cities local governments tackle food waste throughout Europe. Download it for free on the FoodWIN website (bottom of page).
Finally, if you want to get started but you don't know how, feel free to reach out to Joris of FoodWIN. He and his team are ready to help you on your journey to become a zero food waste city! 
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