Join our Mayors delegation and find solutions to your local challenges in ChangeNOW, 31 January

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Join our Mayors delegation and find solutions to your local challenges in ChangeNOW, 31 January

The Covenant of Mayors has launched a call for all local politicians of the European Covenant community to join a dedicated programme for cities and regions in the ChangeNOW International Summit for Change in Paris, at Grand Palais, from 30th January to 1st February.

Mayors and local politicians will have the opportunity to learn about more than 1,000 solutions and innovations from around the world to shape sustainable food systems, explore new models of education, build sustainable cities, promote behavioural change, generate sustainable energy, increase local resilience, and many more.

Confirmed speakers to date include Jean-Louis Missika (Deputy Mayor of Paris), Delphine Bürkli (Mayor of the 9th district of Paris), Elmy Bermejo (President of the San Francisco Commission on the Environment) Soham El Wardini (Mayor of Dakar), Marie-Louise Rönnmark (Mayor of Umeå), Christophe Béchu (Mayor of Angers), Arnaud Robinet (Mayor of Reims) or Charlotte Libert-Albanel (Mayor of Vincennes).

Mayors will also have the opportunity to meet with innovators in the field of energy, climate and environment, fellow politicians from all over the world, and to display their achievements in conference sessions on urban biodiversity, sustainable smart cities, and mobility. In 2018, around 15 mayors and city representatives from the European Covenant of Mayors attended ChangeNOW.

This call is open to all EU elected city representatives of the European Covenant of Mayors Community. Selected local politicians will have their entrance fees to the conference covered. Travel costs will be at participants’ own costs.

See here the programme of the delegation.

To join the delegation, please fill in this application form before 13 December.

More information: 

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