Ljubljana signs pledge to gender equality, work-life balance and equal opportunities

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Ljubljana signed a strong pledge to gender equality, work-life balance and equal opportunities. This is the third pledge from Ljubljana reaffirming the city's commitment to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights, after the first two pledges in 2018 and 2019 to improve access to healthcare, housing and inclusion of people with disabilities.

On gender equality, Ljubljana is committed to:

  • Apply gender mainstreaming in all municipal policies and services. To achieve this, the city has put in place a Gender Equality Group with representatives from across the city administration and has appointed a coordinator for equal opportunities.
  • Improve gender equality policies both in the city administration as employer and in the city at large. To achieve this, Ljubljana set out a second action plan for Gender Equality for 2019-2022, learning from the lessons of the first action plan implemented during 2016-2019.
  • Raise awareness and educate citizens, from a young age, to overcome traditional social roles and encourage women and men to take up jobs in all types of professions
  • Ensure balanced representation of women and men in political and public life as well as in management positions
  • Fight gender violence by supporting victims through counselling, sheltering, crisis management   

On work-life balance, Ljubljana is committed to:

  • Continue investing in subsidised and accessible childcare to ensure all children get a place in kindergarten
  • Continue the high-quality scheme of parental rights and cash benefits
  • Continue co-financing programmes of NGOs to provide holiday care, after-school and leisure activities, including sports and cultural activities that promote inclusion and participation of all children    

On equal opportunities, Ljubljana is committed to:

  • Implement equality policies in line with the Diversity Charter 
  • Train staff in the city administration on non-discrimination and respect for diversity and raise awareness of the city leadership 
  • Ensure the social inclusion and protection from poverty of the most vulnerable groups through implementing two action plans for ‘Ljubljana, a Friendly City for the Elderly’ and ‘Ljubljana, a Friendly City for the Disabled’
  • Continue co-financing 80 programmes and services per year to provide support to the most vulnerable through housing support, day centres, counselling and municipal income support 

Mayor Zoran Jankovic stated: ‘‘A strong social Europe means that it is inclusive for all. Ljubljana is a city where we respect diversity and live together. Ljubljana is a social city that promotes social inclusion and human dignity. Through numerous programmes, services and activities, we strive for social equality, solidarity and openness. To that end, we pay special attention to vulnerable groups’’. 

Congratulations to Ljubljana for the strong commitment to advancing equal opportunities for all people, especially women and the most vulnerable citizens, and thus contributing to a more inclusive Europe! 

Read the full pledge below.

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