Looking back at Change Now Paris 2020

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At the end of January, a delegation of 30 Covenant of Mayors signatories and local politicians joined the ChangeNow Summit 2020 in Paris. This World Expo of solutions for the planet brought together 6,000 stakeholders from cities, regions, start-ups, innovators, researchers, investors, industrials, city planners, to academics; and they gathered to share knowledge, identify common grounds, opportunities, and matching partnerships.

A delegation including Breda, Helsinki, Lahti, Pesaro, Umea and others had the occasion to showcase their successful actions, inspire others, and network with start-ups and innovators.

Among the speakers of the different sessions, the Mayor of Lahti, Pekka Timonen, presented the path that lead the city to win the Green Capital Award for 2021 (see the video here); Kaisa Reeta Koskinen, Director of Climate Neutral Helsinki, presented the Helsinki Energy Challenge Competition, a global one million-euro challenge to decarbonise the city’s heating system without the use of fossil fuels or biomass; and Boaz Adank, Deputy Mayor of Breda, shared the actions of the city to promote mobility modal shifts.

Participants had the opportunity to attend the different sessions, join a political debate on financing with the WWF and the city of Dakar, visit the exhibition area, and meet with innovators and solutions matched to their local challenges.

More information on the delegation, the dedicated special programme, and the local actions of participating cities is available below.

Pictures of the event are available here.

Contact: Eugenia.mansutti@eurocities.eu


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