New Commission report on childcare recognises good practices from EUROCITIES


On 8 May, the European Commission released a report on the development of childcare facilities for young children with a view to increase female labour participation, strike a work-life balance for working parents and bring about sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe (the "Barcelona objectives").

The report features the example of Nantes on how a city can adapt childcare services to the local needs and integrate with employment services. The report states on page 21:

“Local initiatives are sometimes set up for the benefit of specific socially disadvantaged groups. A series of cities have adopted a strategy to address their particular needs. The NGO Eurocities has collected good practice examples which can be used as inspiration. One of these examples is Nantes, a city in France, which has embraced a concept of the provision of integrated childcare services, particularly to break the cycle of disadvantage. Multi-purpose childcare services are set up in poorer areas of the city, which offer a series of childcare services. Next to regular or flexible childcare there is also 'emergency' childcare available for parents who have to attend a job interview, for example”. 

The report refers to the collection of good practices done by EUROCITIES in the ‘Cities for Active Inclusion’ project supported by EU funding in the previous programming period, where Nantes and other nine cities have been actively involved in implementing the 2008 Commission Recommendation on active inclusion of people excluded from the labour market.

You can watch a video about the Nantes project here:

Read the Commission's report on childcare here:

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