Report: Madrid Neighbourhood Employment Plans

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We are glad to disseminate the report on the Madrid Neighbourhood Employment Plans initiative, which was the focus of a study visit in Madrid on long-term unemployment.

Participants from 15 EUROCITIES members travelled to Madrid to take part in a study visit on long-term unemployment from 5-6 October 2016. The visit analysed how the city copes with the high number of long-term unemployed people in the city and how joblessness can be addressed at city level.
The visit focused on Madrid's Neighbourhood Employment Plans initiative, an innovative measure implemented jointly with the local federation of neighbourhood associations to bring the employment and welfare services closer to the citizens and to promote employment among the most vulnerable groups.
This study visit was part of the wider work carried out by EUROCITIES to promote mutual learning and policy transfer among cities in the field of employment policies, which aim to promote a more inclusive labour market.
The report includes a summary of the lessons learnt and a video detailing the Madrid Neighbourhood Employment Plans initiative.