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OECD's 2019 Forum will bring together hundreds of local development practitioners, entrepreneurs and social innovators to share good practices about how employment and skills programmes are meeting employer demand (especially SMEs), what’s being done to help people and places catch-up, and how social innovation can be leveraged to create an inclusive local economy. Registration will open in September.



Save the Date!

15th OECD Local Development Forum

Connecting Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, and Social Innovators


Right Skills, Right Jobs, Right Places
10-11 December 2019 | Antwerp, Belgium

What’s the issue?


Why attend?

Unemployment across the OECD sits at 5.3% - the lowest rate in the last 20 years. More employers than ever are struggling to fill open jobs — by some estimates, 45% of firms across the OECD say they can't find the skills they need, up from 40% in 2017. Emerging technologies will continue to alter company hiring needs.


At the same time, some people and places are struggling to keep pace. The future prosperity of regions and cities will depend not only on equipping the existing workforce with the right skills, but also on successfully engaging disadvantaged groups so that they are fully contributing to local labour markets.


The 2019 annual conference of the Forum will bring together over 300 participants who will take away new insights on:


·         How are the skills needs of firms (especially SMEs) changing due to automation and digitalisation?


·         How can regions and cities promote lifelong learning and engage those who are either unemployed or not seeking employment?


·         How can social innovation help to advance local development opportunities while building sustainable and enabling labour markets?




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We want to hear from you! We are looking for examples of employment, skills, social innovation, culture/creative industries and entrepreneurship programmes to be featured in OECD work highlighting  international good practices. You could also have a chance to present your story in Antwerp.  


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Registrations will open in September 2019.
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