Take part in the consultation on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights


The European Commission is consulting local authorities on how they are using the EU Charter on the ground. The results of the consultation will feed into a new Commission Strategy on the effective application of the EU Charter, to be published in autumn 2020.

Cities play a key role in making the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights a reality for all. However, research and consultations suggest that the EU Charter is still not used to its full potential across EU Member States, and that public awareness of the EU Charter is low. Only one in 10 respondents in the EU knows what the EU Charter is, a 2019 Eurobarometer survey found.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its proclamation and the 10th anniversary of it becoming an instrument of EU primary law. On this occasion, the European Commission is seeking input from different actors in the EU Charter’s enforcement chain – including local and regional authorities and their representative associations. The consultation will inform the new Commission Strategy which will also focus on how the Charter can be more effectively applied on the ground.

Cities are invited to participate in the consultation which will run until 6 May. To do so, please fill in this questionnaire.

EUROCITIES staff contact

Katharina Bamberg