Take part in the first Europe-wide Social Biking Challenge

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The European Commission is launching its Social Biking Challenge this year from 16 September - start of EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK.

Does your city wants to make use of a new app developed by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre to track social behaviour while cycling?

The Social Biking Challenge is starting this year from 16 September (start of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK) and it will run for three weeks. Potential local coordinators (i.e. cities) who would like to organise the Social Biking Challenge (either within EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK or independently) are requested to express their interest by 30 July 2018, by contacting eu-socialbiking@ec.europa.eu

The challenge is linked to the use of the BikePrints app, which allows participants to follow their friends, track their bike routes and win points and prizes together. 

The European Commission will present seven mountain bikes to the best Social Bikers of Europe. There will be an award for the local coordinator who organises the most successful local Social Biking Challenge - the city that manages to collect the most points via the BikePrints app. At the local level, local coordinators will have to ensure 30 small prizes for participants.

For further information you can visit the dedicated page on the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK website.