The European Commission supports competitiveness of the European retail sector

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On 19 April 2018 the European Commission published a set of best practices to reinforce Member States' efforts to develop a more open, integrated and competitive retail sector. The Commission’s aim is to strengthen one of the most important European sector, that is involved in an important and rapid change provoked by the e-commerce and multi-channel retailing.
The Commission has identified different areas where Member States can make further progress:
·         -Facilitating retail establishment: Member States’ institutions, at local and national level, are stimulated to limit unnecessary or disproportionate burdens, making retail establishment procedures simpler, shorter and more transparent, without putting at risk public policy interests;
·         -Reducing restrictions to daily operations of shops: The Commission has identified the need of ensuring a level playing field in retail as well as fair and efficient supply chains, while not restricting the freedom to pursue justified public policy objectives;
·         -Adopting new approaches to promote vitality of city centers: The Commission has also published today a guide on fostering the revitalisation and modernisation of the small retail sector.
In addition, the Retail Restrictiveness Indicator (RRI) will be used to identify the best practices developed and to monitor Member States' efforts in reforming the sector and in reducing retail restrictions.
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