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The second session of our Brussels-based series ‘Imagine the Urban Future’ will take place on 25 April, and we have some impressive speakers lined up:

  • Jan Olbrycht, MEP, president of the EP Urban Intergroup
  • Charles Landry, writer and thinker behind the ‘creative cities’ concept
  • Chris Murray, director of Core Cities UK

What trends can we expect to see in the future of cities? This event will explore the concept of how various psychological disciplines can be used in urban spaces, how to create a more psychologically mature city and how to analyse an urban psyche. 

Charles Landry is a reference in the field of creativity applied to urban spaces. He invented the concept of ‘creative cities’ in the late 80s, arguing that cities can create the right conditions for people to act with imagination and innovation to overcome changes and disruptions. 

Chris Murray is director of Core Cities UK, he is an expert on urban issues. He is a visiting Professor of Practice at Newcastle University, an Honorary Fellow of the Heseltine Institute at Liverpool University, and sits on the Advisory Board of the Prime Ministers’ Regeneration Investment Organisation.

Jan Olbrycht, is a Polish MEP, and represents the European People’s Party. Regional policy is one of his key areas of focus and he is dedicated to the urban dimension of different EU policies. He established and presides over the Parliament’s Urban Intergroup, is a member of the Committee on Budgets, and substitute for the Committee on Regional Development.

This event, supported by the European Parliament’s Urban Intergroup and CEMR, will attract an audience of experts in urban affairs and city officers. Following the kick off event held on 23-24 January, we are taking an in-depth look at EUROCITIES’ vision, priorities and actions.

Registrations are open until Monday 23 April: https://bit.ly/2ph5J7X

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