April 2016


EUROCITIES politicians discuss refugee integration with European commissioners

Mayors and politicians from major European cities met European commissioners Corina Creţu and Dimitris Avramopoulos on 5 April to discuss refugee and migrant integration. The meeting was an opportunity for EUROCITIES politicians to present their work and convey key messages such as the need for direct access by cities to emergency and integration funding under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).


Interview: EUROCITIES takes lead of EIP SCC business models action cluster

EUROCITIES has taken over the lead of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) action cluster on business models, financing and procurement for smart cities. We spoke to Nathalie Guri, EUROCITIES projects and knowledge sharing director, who is leading our work on the action cluster.


Anna Lisa Boni discusses future cohesion policy with MEPs

The European Parliament's regional development committee (EP REGI) invited our secretary general, Anna Lisa Boni, on 19 April for an exchange of views with MEPs on the EU urban agenda and cohesion policy post-2020. She outlined the EUROCITIES visions for an EU urban agenda, and made recommendations for a more integrated and simplified cohesion policy post-2020, developed in partnership with cities.


Role of city-based climate action highlighted at European Habitat conference

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is a key instrument for encouraging cities to implement the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, said EUROCITIES secretary general Anna Lisa Boni at a workshop during the UN European Habitat regional conference on 17 March.


EUROCITIES event on affordable housing

Our event on affordable housing in European cities on 26 April was an opportunity to demonstrate how cities can use affordable housing policies to improve social cohesion, and to identify any obstacles cities face in implementing these policies in the first place. The event attracted 60 policy makers and other stakeholders.


Five lessons from the EUROCITIES Culture Forum in Eindhoven and 's-Hertogenbosch

The spring EUROCITIES Culture Forum, held on 16-18 March in Eindhoven and 's-Hertogenbosch, was dedicated to 'Technologies as a game changer for culture' and the concept of 'eventfulness'. At the forum meeting, we examined the links between art, science and technology, and through practical experiments we explored how the triple helix concept applies to culture in cities.


Lessons from the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in Nantes

Our latest social affairs forum took place in Nantes on 16-17 March, focusing on involving citizens in social innovation. Peter Ramsden, an expert in social innovation and urban issues, delivered the keynote speech, highlighting the role cities play in supporting social innovation.


Five lessons from the EUROCITIES Mobility Forum

Our latest mobility forum in Munster on 21-23 March looked at 'The challenge of limited space in inner cities: how best to organise urban mobility?'. Here we share some of the lessons learned from the forum discussions, such as how Munster has succeeded in promoting cycling through a variety of bike-friendly measures, and evidence of how road charging and city tolls are effective in reducing traffic.


Other News

New report: Refugee reception and integration in cities

On 4 April, we launched our report on refugee reception and integration at the European Policy Centre (EPC) in Brussels.

May-June: EUROCITIES smart cities month

From mid-May to mid-June we will be showcasing our work on smart cities.

Cities in action: 'Arrivals', an intercultural theatre project in Belfast

In our new case study, we look at the ‘Arrivals’ trilogy, a theatre project in Belfast that highlights the experiences of migrants in the city.

‘Planning the efficient city’ – EUROCITIES at 3rd European Conference on SUMPs

We moderated a session on the sharing economy at the 3rd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in Bremen on 12-13 April.

Helsinki and Espoo host study visit on culture and education

In March, Helsinki and Espoo jointly hosted a study visit under the umbrella of the 'Culture for Cities and Regions' initiative.

EUROCITIES partners with European Sustainable Cities Summit and EBS

We have become a partner of the European Business Summit (EBS) and the European Sustainable Cities Summit (ESCS).

Utrecht becomes 50th Green Digital Charter signatory

The charter helps cities improve the quality of life of their residents through innovative use of digital technologies.

Sharing Cities replication training and workshop

On 21-22 March, the city leads for the Sharing Cities initiative held a two day replication workshop in Brussels.

Mayors Adapt twinning visit in Bologna on climate change adaptation

In its role as a 'mentor city', Bologna presented its climate adaptation measures to two 'learning cities'.

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