Substance abuse prevention

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This working group (WG) is dedicated to raise awareness and to improve strategies for the prevention of substance abuse and to minimize the potential harms of use. The members of the group will explore strategies, methods and innovative solutions helping Europe's citizens to avoid the risks of substance abuse, addiction, and negative impact on the health of users as a cost-efficient way to significantly reduce future public spending. The WG will work for inclusion and well-being of all groups in the EU in line with SAF strategy vision: ‘Leave No One Behind’ and the priority of reducing inequality.

Priorities will be to:

  • share knowledge, experiences and best practices on policy, science and strategic planning (incl. programmes, methods and activities)
  • implement Critical Friend Review method at all meetings
  • develop new, replicable innovations in prevention and harm reduction through projects
  • raise awareness at EU level for efficient ways to prevent drug use and to minimize the risks of use
  • identify suitable calls for proposals under Erasmus+ and other EU programmes

The next meeting of the WG will take place online on 20 October. In spring 2021, the WGs plans to meet in Zurich. 


Anniken Therese Sand
Senior Executive Officer

vice chair

Sofia Linder

EUROCITIES staff contact

Marta Marcuzzi
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Membership coordinator & EA to the Sec Gen