How cities and regions can collaborate internationally on innovation: Network Effects report launch

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Nesta, an UK innovation foundation, will host an event to launch their latest report ‘Network Effects’. The forthcoming paper outlines the crucial role that an intensive dialogue on innovation among cities and regions, at international level, might have in the economic recovery post-COVID-19.

The report discussion will be held by their authors, Dr Ellie Cosgrave, Director of the UCL’s Urban Innovation and Policy Laboratory and Dr Tim Moonen, Managing Director at The Business of Cities, an urban research and intelligence group based at the UCL.

At a practical level, Dr Amy Hochadel, Director of Global Business at Connected Places Catapult in London, and Caroline Twigg, Head of International Affairs at the Bristol City Council, will bring forward policy initiatives aimed at supporting cities in the development of partnerships to address the long-term impact of the pandemic.