Webinar for Eurocities politicians on a private fund for investing in social infrastructure | 10 March @15.30-17.00’

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On 10 March from 15.30-17.00 Eurocities politicians are invited to a webinar to better understand private investment opportunities for social infrastructure in cities.

Social infrastructure plays a key role in the economic growth, social cohesion, and well-being of communities. With an existing investment gap of EUR 142 bn per year, cities have to find innovative solution to mobilise public resources and sustainable private funding to fill in the gap of investment in social infrastructure.

Following up from the recommendations of the 2018 report on Boosting Investment in Social Infrastructure in Europe’, prepared by the European High Level Task Force on boosting investment in social infrastructure, Franklin Templeton private investment firm set up a dedicated fund for social infrastructure focusing on healthcare, education, housing, justice and emergency, civic (sports facilities, community & local government facilities).

Franklin Templeton is an asset manager with a strategy focused on investing in social infrastructure for a dual return - impact achieved together with a financial return. They aim to work with cities to create better social value for local communities.

The meeting is targeted to Eurocities politicians and their technical advisors on investment. We will soon follow-up with the registration link and a letter from the SAF chair, Maarten van Ooijen deputy mayor of Utrecht, to invite other politicians to attend.

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