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This page sets out how we are making the case for city solutions for better employment and inclusion in the labour market. It contains EUROCITIES policy statements, publications, videos and media material.

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Policy statements


EUROCITIES declaration on work

Cities for more and better jobs, and a fairer, more inclusive society


EUROCITIES statement in youth employment

Cities aim to increase job opportunities for young people through an integrated approach highlighting the urban nature of youth unemployment.


EUROCITIES response to European Commission public consultation on long term unemployment

This response aims to showcase cities’ efforts on long term unemployment and the common trends emerging from the good practice examples we have collected.


EUROCITIES response to European Commission’s consultation on the review of the Small Business Act

How can we make the EU a better place for SMEs?



EUROCITIES corporate


EUROCITIES report of activities

This short video gives an overview of EUROCITIES activities in 2015.


EU Urban Agenda

This infographic illustrates how an EU urban agenda could come together to better involve cities in EU policy making that impact on their territories and citizens, and to provide more effective solutions to major European challenges.




Inclusive labour market

In this publication we showcase projects from 12 of our member cities that support those who face significant barriers to employment; such as migrants, people with disabilities, young people with mental illness, over 50s, young people not in education or training (NEETS) and the long term unemployed.


Green jobs for social inclusion              

In this publication we present good practice examples from 13 major European cities on how they combine the objective of becoming greener and growing the green economy at local level with social and labour market inclusion of vulnerable groups.


Integrated services at local level

This publication presents good practice examples from 10 major European cities on how they integrate services at local level in areas such as migration, youth, childcare, unemployment and homelessness.


Cities supporting eInclusion and citizen participation          

Our publication demonstrates what cities are doing to facilitate digital access and IT skills to promote employability, job creation, social inclusion and integration, and help stimulate our economies


Cities supporting inclusive entrepreneurship   

City authorities are helping entrepreneurs get established and decipher the administrative jungle they encounter. Our new collection of good practices highlights some examples from across Europe. 


Case studies


These good practices showcase some of the initiatives happening in EUROCITIES member cities to tackle unemployment, create quality jobs and promote and inclusive labour market.


Tackling youth employment


Brighton&Hove - Careers advice for young people

BEACH (Brighton & Hove Employability Advice and Careers Hut) is a website that was developed to improve young people’s employment chances.


Glasgow - Commonwealth Apprenticeship Initiative: investing in young people

The Commonwealth Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI) is a free recruitment service to match young people with apprenticeship opportunities. It is based on a supply and demand model engaging both employers and young people in schools.


Stockholm -  FILUR, Intensified actions for unemployed youth

FILUR supports those young people who find it most difficult to integrate themselves into the job market. The programme helps ease participants’ way into the labour market and support them in their career.


Tampere - Demola  

A network of nine co-creation centres, allowing students and partner companies to develop innovative solutions to real world problems.


Boosting entrepreneurship


Birmingham - Entrepreneurs for the future (E4f)

Young startups benefit from tailored support and being part of a community.


Bologna - Incredibol

It offers creative entrepreneurs a one-stop-shop for guidance, advice, training, free creative spaces, financial contributions and other tools help them establish and grow their businesses through a network of public-private partnerships.


Dortmund - NordHand       

NordHand consists of a credit union which helps establish or expand small businesses. It provides microloans to assist entrepreneurs overcome short-term financial problems.


Dublin - Start and grow your own business

Dublin’s project disseminates enterprise start-up information to the public via the city’s library network.


Gijon - Connecting SMEs and big business

The initiative aims to stimulate the local economy and consolidate the city's entrepreneurial sector by promoting cooperation between local SMEs and larger, more established companies to develop innovative technological projects.


Gothenburg - Gothenburg’s entrepreneurial hub

Gothenburg entrepreneurial hub supports a multicultural district with high unemployment and low aspirations. The city aims to achieve three things: stimulate start-ups, increase the survival rate and growth of existing businesses, and embed entrepreneurship education into schools.


Leipzig - OstWerkStadt

OstWerkStadt targets entrepreneurs, microbusiness owners and jobseekers with advice and coaching services, giving disadvantaged groups the opportunity to enter the labour market.


Lisbon - Lisbon incubators network

Building a network of entrepreneurs and small business incubators is helping Lisbon stimulate economic growth, offer new employment opportunities for young people and ensure that talent and creativity remain in the city.


Poznan – Poznan’s training and advisory centre for entrepreneurs

A training and advisory centre was established in early 2012 to improve the efficiency of business support measures in Poznan and its surrounding areas


Cities supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses

Collection of good practices from EUROCITIES working group entrepreneurship & SMEs. Our working group entrepreneurship & SMEs has collected examples of cities supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses. The examples cover four themes: building entrepreneurial ecosystems in cities; entrepreneurial learning; access to finance and funding; and city support services to businesses.


Promoting an inclusive labour market


Brno – AGAPO - Inclusive employment agency

Young people make up nearly a quarter of the unemployed in Brno and those with disabilities find it particularly challenging to secure a job. AGAPO works with this vulnerable group to support their transition into the workplace.


Gothenburg - Turn International

Turn International is a programme launched to support female entrepreneurs in developing the export side of their business. Its goal is to contribute to sustainable economic growth, higher employment and a diversified economy in the region


Munich - The Guide project

The Guide project provides training, advice, counselling and networking opportunities to female entrepreneurs in Munich. It targets women who are returning to the labour market after raising a family and those who may have problems finding or are actively seeking employment.




Adapting early child care to family needs in Nantes

This innovative early childcare service in Nantes is an example of how European cities are successfully integrating services at local level.

The aim is to improve labour market access for women and single parents. As part of the scheme 60 people, all women and mostly single parents, have been able to return to employment or undertake training. This has helped to boost the local labour market and has had a positive impact on the lives of the women concerned.

The success of the project is attributed to having all relevant organisations and service providers working together, both on early childhood and social inclusion

English version:

French version:


A local solution to a European issue - Newcastle Futures

Combating unemployment is an important challenge for Newcastle City Council.

Newcastle Futures is an innovative service designed to enhance the services provided by the national public employment service in the UK.

By integrating services at local level and providing specialised support to vulnerable groups in the area, such as young adults, over 50s, single parents and people living in deprived areas it reduces duplication of services and saves resources.

Through Newcastle Futures, the city has managed to enhance the standard employability support services by tailoring them to local needs and since the scheme was set up it has helped over 5,000 people into employment. 


Other material

EUROCITIES press release – February 2015

Let’s act now, or risk losing a generation



Cities Today - September 2015

Making local labour markets more inclusive by Anna Lisa Boni, EUROCITIES secretary general


EurActiv – October 2015

When it comes to jobs, cities ensure no one is left behind by Thomas Fabian, deputy mayor of Leipzig and chair of the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum