Webinar with the EU Commission on the new Affordable Housing Initiative

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On 15 March, from 13.00-15.00 we are hosting an online focus group with the European Commission DG GROW to discuss ideas and ways to move forward to shape the Affordable Housing Initiative from cities’ perspective.

The Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) concept was mentioned in EU Commission’s Renovation Wave Strategy launched in October 2020. The aim of AHI is to pilot 100 lighthouse renovation districts focusing on creating quality, liveable, affordable homes for people.
It will mobilise cross-sectoral sectoral project partnerships linking them to local actors, including from the social economy, to promote efficient, circular and modular processes, social engagement models to empower residents, inclusive and accessible developments and cultural innovation. As first step in the process, the Commission will launch in second semester of 2021 a call to establish an EU partnership for the Affordable Housing Initiative.  

Focus-group with cities: share you views!

We are inviting cities to contribute and share their views on how Affordable Housing Initiative would better respond to local needs. We are organising a focus group where we have invited DG GROW to discuss with cities:
  1. What expertise, services and support would cities need from the EU partnership to help them prepare, implement and scale-up projects in the context of AHI?
  2. What challenges cities have experienced in renovating entire social and affordable housing districts both financially and technically?
  3. What are the tools to mainstream housing affordability while also adapting to the green standards and advancing digital & technological solutions?
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