Response to the Public Consulation on the EU Action Plan 'Towards a Zero Pollution Ambition for air, water and soil'

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In the European Green Deal Communication, published in December last year, the Commission announced its intention to protect Europe’s citizens and ecosystems and to move towards a zero pollution ambition. To do so, the Commission will publish a Zero Pollution Action Plan in Spring 2021.

To allow all stakeholders to have a say on this new Action Plan, the Commission has open an online consultation until February 2021.
At Eurocities, we have already answered to the 4-week roadmap consultation based on previous statements on water, air, and noise. Our response is available on the Commission’s website.
The purpose of this new consultation is to gather the perception and views of Europeans on a range of issues that the Action Plan may address, including:
  • How pollution affects citizens and the environment
  • How well current policies address pollution
  • What actions should be taken on pollution in the future
  • How to monitor pollution in the future
  • What potential there is for digital solutions to address pollution
And this is where we need you! You’re best placed to know how to best address pollution at local level.
We would kindly invite you to respond to the questionnaire of the consultation enclosed and send your response to us before 10 January 2021. We will then gather your inputs, submit a response on behalf of Eurocities and invite you to submit your response on behalf of your city as well.
The questionnaire is split in three parts :
  • The first part asks for some information about you (such as which country you come from).
  • The second part is directed towards the general public. You do not need any specialist knowledge to reply to this.
  • The third part is mainly directed towards specialists and interested experts and includes a set of questions on specific issues. 
The questionnaire is made of closed-ended questions, but also have boxes to specify your opinions, and a box at the end of the questionnaire for any comments you may have on the Action Plan.
All in all, responding to the questionnaire shouldn’t take you more than 2h.
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