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WG Urban Agenda (15 March 10-12)

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Our next working group meeting takes place online on 15 March. Please find the agenda below.


Objective of the meeting:

The meeting comes at a timely moment for the development of the next phase of the Urban Agenda. At the last Urban Agenda Technical Preparatory Group (UATPG) meeting which took place yesterday, the Portuguese Presidency has presented their plan for the coming months and the  'Roadmap to Ljubana', an ambitious agenda that should lead to the definition of the next phase of the Urban Agenda during the Slovenian Presidency.

The Presidency highlighted their plan and committment to work with all the stakeholders of the Urban Agenda towards the development of thematic input papers that will inform the Slovenian Presidency on the next steps for the Urban Agenda. The Presidency will work within four thematic working groups to produce these input papers which will be discussed and approved by the Urban Development Group (UDG) and Director General for Urban Matters (DGUM) meetings. The four thematic groups are the following:

The first WG meetings are expected to take place next 16 and 17 March just before our 15 March meeting. Our working group meeting will be an important  opportunity to gather Eurocities inputs to the WGs and to particularly todevelop a common position the two of them (WG 2 and 3) ini which we will be represented by selected partnership coordinators. 

Below you can find the documents presented by the Portuguese Presidency, including the concept note and the roadmap to Ljubjana,  which should allow you to better understand the process put in place by the Portoguese Presidency and to prepare in advance for our discussion at the upcoming meeting.

You can register for our WG meeting at this link. 

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