Working separately to be more focused: working group public procurement and public services split in two.

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The WG Public Services and Public Procurement is now working in a more focused way by working separately: the WG Public Services, chaired by the city of Vienna and Nantes and WG Public Procurement, chaired by the city of Haarlem.


The WG on public service will focus on exchanging on new approach of public services through workshops and city-dialogues, and handling case studies and best practices on a variety of issues regarding health and society, as well as digitalisation and broadband, re-municipalisation and sustainable financing of public services. See their work plan below.


Members active in the WG on Public Procurement will focus on how to use procurement more strategically, sharing how to introduce circular procurement and innovation procurement in cities everyday work. It will also continue cooperation with the Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement and the Big Buyers for Climate and Environment initiative. See their work plane below.


If you want to be more active in one or both of these new working groups, please fill the quick survey here.


Please find below the 2021 work plan for the WG PP and WG PS.



WG PS: Aleksandra,

WG PP: Anja