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By connecting city authorities and volunteer organisations through communities of practices and staff exchange, VALUES - Volunteering Activities to Leverage Urban and European Social integration of migrants, aims to improve structural cooperation and build partnerships between cities and volunteer organisations in integrating third-country nationals

Led by EUROCITIES, VALUES enables cities to exchange know-how, expertise, and good practices on how best to implement local actions. It builds on the experience and success of past EUROCITIES projects (CITIES GROW, MIXITIES, DIVE, INTI-Cities, ImpleMentoring) that together addressed the gaps in the implementation of the Integrating Cities Charter, which embodies the cities’ commitment to third-country national’s integration. The project brings together two experts organisations, Migration Work and the European Centre for Volunteering (CEV) and 16 cities: Amsterdam, Bristol, Brno, Cesena, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Nuremberg, Oslo, Ostend, Riga, Sheffield, Terrassa, Thessaloniki, Toulouse, Turin and Zurich.  
The cities will be gathered up in four communities of practices or thematic clusters to enable mutual learning and exchange of practices through a series of visits and city staff and volunteer exchanges, aiming to improve the coordination and build capacity between cities and local volunteer networks for the integration of migrants and refugees. the four themes are:
  1. Community building in cities to foster a welcoming culture
  2. Innovative voluntary activities in integration: engaging migrants and refugees in volunteering   activities for integration activities
  3. Cities and volunteer cooperation in migrant integration at neighbourhood (or ‘community’) level
  4. Mobilising volunteers in engaging young migrant population in community life.

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Rossella Nicoletti
EUROCITIES Brussels office
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