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City guidelines - Supporting new groups at risk of homelessness

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Homelessness is increasing throughout Europe. Cities identify emerging groups more at risk of housing exclusion and homelessness. While these trends are often localised, migrants and families are especially affected.

Gathered in Poznan for a policy transfer on 30 September-2 October, 40 city experts on homelessness exchanged on their experience and best practices and decided to share the results of these discussions through a set of a guidelines on ‘supporting new groups at risk of homelessness’.

After setting the situation of homelessness in cities through some key figures, this document suggests some key steps in preventing homelessness among migrants and families and supporting those already in this situation. By adopting an integrated approach, cities address a variety of areas from access to housing to ensuring access to an income or providing education and training. Concrete examples from cities involved in the WG Homelessness complete the guidelines by providing first-hand experience.

Learn more in the guidelines attached below!

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